Moth to the Flame Tin

This was a mini mint tin, from Vicroria's Secret. I had also finally been able to get my hands on the "makes everything better*" varnish. I wanted to see how it would hold up to being very thickly applied.... like fill the tin and leave it alone for a week. it condensed alot, into a primordial oil slick... a perfect habitat for the brised hearts... and when I found the moth at the botom of a box... he had to be incorporated. I mean really, why use fake bugs when you can use real ones!


*Especially sucky art, that you would rather throw out the windows or use as spatulas instead of send it to someone anyone anywhere, and perhaps it would be good for paper training... well if i had a dog it would be good for paper training... but it makes it all better... so I don't need to get a dog. besides, that cat would eat him.