L E A R N - H I N D I !

A fledgling collection of educational materials internet links, or scans of items either created by me, or picked up in India, for personal use in learning Hindi, Devanagari, or similar.

  • My Favorite Devanagari Font - Kiran Font Family
  • Shivani's First Book - Recognition of Letters and Numerals (1.3 MB) Contains a comprehensive chart for consonant conjugation.
  • RimJhim-1: Children's Primer (58.8MB)
  • A collection of 37 Educational Posters, some are for learning Hindi, some English, some cultural stories, and biology. (81.5MB)
  • Lined paper for use in penmanship, writing and learning Devanagari script
  • A Devanagari Script Primer for learning Script, some basic words and numbers (5MB)
  • 17 of the above selected charts scanned in color - 300dpi jpg files. "Birds And Their Homes", "Domestic Animals", "Family Chart (with hindi)", "Fruits Chart", "Insects", "Kitchen Articles", Means of Communication", "Means of Transport", "Nature's Disasters", "Our Helpers", "Parts of the Body" (two charts), "People Of India", "Pictoral Vegetables", "Public Places", "Sources of Water", "Wild Animals" (zip file 25.5MB zipfile)

    Online Resources:

  • Wikipedia entry for Devanagari - with full conjunct chart, keyboarding information, history, etc
  • "The Yale Introduction to Hindi Language"
  • "The Ancient Scripts Devanagari page"

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