Twisted Concept's Holy Bible

This is an altered Bible that is travelling the globe. It is intended to be focused on religions...lovely lovely pages... very thin, and hard to work on... so i ended up using polycrylic and sewing to stick a few pages together for a more substantial subtrate.

(See a page with detail shots and a bit of technical chatter here.)

I made a purple velvet pouch to help the book along on it's journey. The first pages deal with holy flame. A take off on the "and then there was light"

God has the idea to create man, and dreams of the rib, to create woman

remainders of eden. broken flowers and darknes starting to cloud the sun.

The Apple and the garden, You can't ss it in this picture but there is a snake peering out from under this page.

If you fold over half of the page (i created a book within a book concept here) Gof calls them out, and tatterd silk hides the words.. "And Eden Sank To Grief")

The snake was sewn to this page, and you can see his head in the next picture.

The last papge of the book within a book, shows the eaten apple and a more modern view of Adam and Eve's shame. (snake!)